North West: Four Tortured for Consuming Brasseries Products

Four men are in the hands Ambazonia boys in Ngokentujia Division – North West Region of Cameroon. They were caught in a family house on Monday May 18th 2020 consuming beer (Brasseries products).
In a video circulating on the social media, fighters destroyed all the products purchased by a local vendor in Mbouda in the West Region of Cameroon for sale in Bafanji in Ngokentunjia Division.

In the video, one if the fighters is heard saying “By buying, selling and consuming brasseries products you people are sending money to La Republic to sponsor the war against more than eight million ambazonians”.
An another supposed crime committed by the people tortured by the fighters is that of consuming the drinks on Monday ghost town day.

Since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis in 2016, the Ambaboys have always insisted that brasseries products should not be consumed in the area. A decision condemned by many who cannot challenge them publicly for fear of attack.

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