North West Governor Braves Bullets To Set Stage For School Resumption In Boyo Division

“Yes we are quite aware of the challenges here in Boyo and on our way to Fundong, we saw what the local population are suffering as a result of terrorists who have decided to prevent the population from enjoying their daily activities, preventing school children from going to school”

The above statement was made by Adolphe Lele L’Afrique Tchoffo Deben, Governor of Cameroon’s North West Region while chairing a meeting to sensitize parents on the need to send their children to school and assess the security situation of Boyo Division.

On his way to Fundong , the convoy of North West Governor is ambushed at several locations between Bambui in Mezam Division and Fundong in Boyo Division.

At least 168 barricades mounted with stones, trees, and iron bars are dismantled by officers of the defence forces.

“I will like to congratulate the administrative authorities and security forces who despite the difficulties are going about their routine activities courageously and to the patriotic elites who are helping them in that regard. We saw on our way coming here how difficult it is to reach Boyo but thanks to the professionalism of our security forces we are able to reach Boyo,” the Governor told MMI in an interview.

North West Governor’s convoy attacked

An empty Fundong council hall causes the meeting venue for the back to school campaign to be shifted to the conference hall of the Senior Divisional Officers (SDO’s) office.

During the meeting, it was revealed by education stakeholders of the region that School attendance for the 2018/2019 academic year registered a zero percent (0%) attendance. That is, out of the 186 primary schools and 54 secondary schools in the division, none was operational.

“…we strongly condemn those trying to hinder the future of our children. Some of them are seeking for greener pastures abroad and even trying to have other nationalities…we commit our selves to fight against them and make sure classes resume effectively in the North West Region,” said the Governor.

It was also revealed by the Senior Divisional Officer for Boyo, Tanyi Fidel that many civil servants have ran away abandoning their duty posts.
“…some of these civil servant are using salaries they earn without working to fuel the crisis… I already signed more than one hundred decisions sanctioning civil servants unduly earning in the North West Region and the process will continue. …I therefore instruct regional delegates, divisional delegates and all administrative authorities to take their responsibilities if not they will be held responsible and considered as accomplices to those earning without working,” the Governor warned.

The visit to Boyo wrapped up with a security meeting during which instructions were handed to ensure the over 5,000 school goers in Boyo hit the streets come September 2, 2019.
Governor Lele L’Afrique finally takes off for Bamenda.

The trip was characterised by several stops some of which were as a result of gun battles or repairs as a consequence of the actions of the separatist fighters along the Bamenda – Fundong strecth of road. The journey on a 65km road lasted at least 13 hours.

By Mbuh Stella who travelled to Boyo

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