Once Birds of a Feather, Now Dread Enemies!!

The Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, and his First Deputy who doubles as the National Athletics President, Emmanuel Motomby Mbome, have fallen out.

These two pals who joined forces in 2013 and successfully took over the Buea council from the former Mayor, Mbella Moki Charles, and have since then been putting up stiff resistance against dissenting voices, especially on proponents of the Anglophone crisis, have now turnef out to be dreaded enemies.

According to authoritative sources, Mayor Ekema fell out with his first Deputy Mayor after he got hints that some Fako elite is grooming Motomby to assume a juicy political position in the upcoming regional elections.

It should be noted that Mayor Ekema fell out with almost all top elites of Fako Division in 2016, when he was allegedly dribbled by these same elites, who picked a political outsider over him to assume the top position of Fako III section.

Hence, the Mayor gave an ultimatum to all council staff and his close allies not to have anything to do with any Fako elite, on pain of becoming his enemies.

It is on the basis of this hint that Mayor Ekema began falling out with his first deputy. Things, however, got worse when the first deputy Mayor never accompanied the Mayor to close down business premises that adhered to the 10 days lockdown imposed on Fako earlier in April by Ambazonia fighters.

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, Mayor Ekema let the cat out of the bag during a party in the council premises, by revealing that the first deputy Mayor, would soon be replaced.

“I hope you’ve noticed the conspicuous absence of one of my deputies. I don’t condone with sabotage. In the days ahead, I shall convene an extraordinary council session for him to be replaced. I shall do exactly what I did to the fourth deputy Mayor,” Ekema told a jubilant crowd, during a ceremony to extend him New Year wishes.

Mimi Mefo Info reached out to the first deputy Mayor for comments, yet, he turned down any interview, indicating that the time will soon come when everything shall be revealed.
We shall continue to investigate this matter providing more information, on how the drama unfolds.

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