Opinion leaders express dissapointment after government denies negotiating with jailed separatist leaders

It came as a disappointing surprise to many Cameroonians Monday, July 7, 2020, when the Minister of Communication in a communiqué refuted social media posts since July 2nd that says government has started negotiation talks with leaders of Ambazonia in prison.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi saying “…information disseminated on social media about the holding on July 2 of negotiation between government and secessionists awaiting trial is not consistent with reality”, Barrister Agbor Felix Balla thinks the communiqué was not necessary.

“The communiqué says there is no negotiation with secessionists awaiting trial but did not deny the fact that discussions are taking place that might not lead to negotiation. Perhaps they may have been discussing with those who have been convicted and not those that are still awaiting trial”.

To Kejang Henry Atembe, a Journalist keen on political issues in Cameroon “Government is into acrobatic communication strategy by initiating negotiations just to come back to deny it in public.”

“If you read what has been written by Wilfred Tassang and other detained leaders of the Ambazonia, then you will understand that consultations have been ongoing”.

The journalist challenges the government of president Paul Biya to call for a press conference to debunk what they consider unfounded information.
To some political commentators, government has opened talks with people that have been imprisoned body and soul.

Dr. Ako John Ako has stated that prisoners don’t negotiate with free people. The political analyst has challenged the government of Cameroon to give way to an inclusive dialogue prior to the holding of Anglophone general conference that will permit the people of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon to decide their take on the state of the union.

“The government is aware that any negotiation talks are against the rule and any agreement arrived at might be termed illegal as the consents of those they are talking with are not free”.

Varied reactions to government’s stand on the negotiations but Cameroonians living in the North West and South West regions look forward to a peaceful solution.

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