Panelists Go Tough On Equinoxe TV Debate As Biya Convenes Electors To The Polls

The tempers of panelists flared today on Equinox television’s weekly debate program ‘Droit de Response’.
The Sunday program presented by Cedric Noufele had as major themes “Review of the 37 years reign of President Paul Biya” and “The convened municipal and legislative elections”.

The five man panel consisting Professor Messanga Nyamding of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM party, Barrister Roland Njiewo of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement CRM Party, Barrister Sappi Lavoisier of the Social Democratic Front SDF party, Senior Barrister Ashu Emmanuel of the Reforme Party and Edmond Kamga Journalist and Consultant of the program, did not reserve kind words for each other especially towards the representative of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM party.

Speaking as Journalist and political consultant, Edmond Kamga said there is a dangerous war between the government and the opposition in Cameroon. The government of Cameroon according to him, does everything to disrupt peaceful demonstrations of the opposition, whereas the ruling CPDM party organises it’s demonstrations unperturbed.

His opinion was supported by Barrister Roland Njiewo who thinks Cameroon has been ruled for 37 years by a group of witches and wizards who eat even their own children.

In response Professor Messanga Nyamding of the CPDM revealed that his party is not afraid of the opposition in Cameroon, but the CRM opposition political party.

“We of the CPDM party are so afraid of the CRM party. They are so violent. The CRM is the only party that self declared victory after the October 7th 2018 presidential election, and promised to continue to defend what they say is their victory, ”
Messanga said.

Getting further and more bitter, the University don revealed what observers qualify as the next plan of the government of Cameroon against CRM supporters.

“I think everybody who refers to Maurice Kamto as President-elect again should be arrested and sent to jail. We can not continue to tolerate disorder in the Republic. The Constitutional Council declared Paul Biya winner of the October 7, 2018 presidential election and Maurice Kamto and his supporters should respect that,”
Professor Messanga Nyammding thundered.

He further insisted that Equinoxe Television and the debate moderator should ban CRM militants from referring to Kamto as president-elect in all its broadcasts

Barrister Roland Njiewo who was rudely interrupted by the professor many times, had to stop the usage of President-elect in oder to continue his arguments. He thinks the reaction of the professor is to an extent the high handed nature of the Biya regime of the opposition

On the convened municipal and legislative elections, the CRM representative saw it as a welcome initiative and an opportunity for Cameroonians to massively vote out the CPDM from their constituencies and municipalities.

To Barrister Lavoisier of the SDF party, convening elections with the anglophone crisis worsening, is a proof that the lives of Anglophones do not matter to Paul Biya and his regime barons.
“I understand the frustration of the opposition in Cameroon. I also understand why they are fighting against each other. For example the CRM party is happy that municipal and legislative elections have been programmed for February 2020, while the SDF is frustrated by the announcement. The SDF is afraid because it’s bastion i.e the North West and South West regions are unstable with voters displaced.”

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