Politicians hijack funeral of Bafoussam landslide victims

A gigantic funeral ceremony Saturday to pay homage to forty three Cameroonians who died following a landslide in Gouache in Bafoussam of the West region witnessed an unusual massive presence of politicians from various political parties.

Holding on the day of national mourning declared by the president of the Republic, many expected President Paul Biya to attend the funeral but he didn’t.

Conspicuously present in front of the ceremonial grandstand was the effigy of President Paul Biya who doubles as the national president of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement – the CPDM.

At the ceremonial ground, militants of the CPDM party dressed in party uniform crowded the area in what commentators say presented a false impression of a political rally to woo potential militants than actually condoning with victims of the dreaded Gouache landslide.

“President Paul Biya is once again absent in a funeral of 43 Cameroonians. Does the leader really feel the pains of those he rule?” One of the mourners stated as he watched Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute perform an activity he says ought to be done by president Paul Biya.

Despite the absence of the president of the Republic, the decoration of the grandstand and speeches delivered by personalities accorded more respect and reverence to President Paul Biya than actually sharing the pains of victims of Ngouache landslide.

Kamto pulls spectacular crowd at funeral of Bafoussam landslide victims

On the other hand, hundreds of Cameroonians excited to see Professor Maurice Kamto leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party went beyond mourning to expressing their political affiliation.

As commentators criticise President Paul Biya’s absence in Bafoussam to mourn 43 Cameroonians, the 86 year president has left Cameroon for France to attend a conference on peace. Invited by president Emmanuel Macron of France, this is the second visit of Paul Biya to France in less than two months. This has given rise to a question if president Paul Biya is there to serve the interest of Cameroonians or that of France?.

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