Politicians, civil society activists rubbish plan to reconstruct ravaged NW, SW regions

The mayor of the city of Bamenda and other mayors in the North West region are already identifying areas where government’s reconstruction plan should start.

They have been speaking to the chairman and vice of the reconstruction project, Paul Tasong and Njong Donatus since Monday.

On the other hand, some politicians have rubbished the reconstruction project.

To the national communication officer of the Popular Action Party: “The project has been designed to squander tax payers’ money as usual without accountability “Fabrice Lena adds that government ought to focus on how to stop the war peacefully before thinking about reconstruction.

“This government is not serious. Look at the national commission of bilingualism, the national dialogue and other moves that costed government several billions of francs cfa have not yielded fruits. This is a clear indication that Cameroonians have in place wrong leaders.”

A similar opinion shared by Davidson Ateh;a civil society activist.

Speaking on Equinoxe Monday June 22nd, he expressed regret that government has once again design another project for individuals to share money among themselves while locals continue to suffer the effects of the daily confrontations between ambazonia boys and the regular military.

On the other hand, an opposition politician Banda Kani on Canal 2 International TV said this is the time for reconstruction.

He said government since the outbreak of the crisis have taken measures to ease the tension but separatist fighters have stood their ground of total independence. To him, unfortunately, the international community and and world powers don’t condem actions of the boys.

In the north-west and south West regions, some areas remain no go zones as the boys and the military continue to cause insecurity.

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