Power failure and Anglophone crisis blocking effective communication on coronavirus in rural areas

Although the Cameroon government has not imposed a strict lockdown like other countries fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the general public has been called upon to stay indoors and practice measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

While many say government’s call is not being heeded to, others say the state of affairs in especially rural areas does not even permit them to stay informed or aware of what measures to take.

Talking to Milton (not real name), a resident of Kumbo, a town in the conflict-hit North West region, he says the war alone is enough reason to keep them on their feet.

“For months now we’ve not had the regular power supply. How we manage to stay connected to the rest of the world is a miracle,” he says.

While economic activities have almost been completely grounded Milton says he fears the virus spreading to the area “can be worst than the war we’ve seen these past years.”

“I pray authorities to heed to the call of the UN Secretary-General and call for a ceasefire or we’ll all be dead,” Milton adds.

Residents in some urban areas have also raised worries about how the pandemic is going to be managed, citing the lack of running taps and better sanitary conditions in their residential areas.

While some institutions have managed to provide running water and hand sanitizer for their workers, others say the lack of these items on a general scale undermines efforts already made to combat the virus.

With official figures in the country surpassing 60, Public Health Minister yesterday noted that the first death has been recorded within the Country.


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