Pressure mounts on AU as its US Ambassador prepares to pack her bags

The African Union, AU is currently under intense pressure to bring back its Ambassador to the US it sent packing days ago.

The ambassador, Dr. Chihombori many say, was dismissed because of her pan African views and have since launched petitions and calls for her to be reinstated.

“The African chairperson Moussa Farki must resign from his position as he has sided with our oppressors against our liberators His decision to fire Dr Chihombori-Quao, AU ambassador the the diaspora for speaking against neocolonialism and racism proves that he is does not deserve to serve as the AU Chairperson” one of the petitions read.

Calls for the reinstatement of Dr. Arikana multiply

“We must call this out and we must resist the constant oppression of African intellectuals who believe in a free and prosperous Africa” it adds. Others have even fine as far as asking the AU Chairperson to step down from his position using the #MoussaFarkiOut hashtag.

Following her dismissal, Dr. Chihombori’s service ends on October 31. In a recent tweet, Moussa Faki Hamat indicated that he has received the new AU Ambassador to the US already. Dr. Chihimbori will be replaced by Her Excellency Jessica Lapenn.


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