Cho Ayaba responds to EU statement on Cameroon, says it remains silent on war crimes

Just hours after the European Union, EU released a statement on Cameroon, Ambazonia activist, Cho Ayaba has written a response to the institution blaming it for maintaining a decisive silence despite war crimes being committed.

In his response, Cho Ayaba goes on to list a number of cases noting that the EU voluntarily decided not to take any action. They include former Yugoslavia, the Rwandan genocide and its spill over effect in Congo, and the ongoing conflict in Syria.

“We must remind the European Union that the regime in Yaounde continues to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Ambazonian people and that we expect the EU to take a bolder action in the interest of peace, freedom and a permanent solution that leads to the independence of Ambazonia as an expression of its right to self-determination” he stated.

“The Ambazonian people” Ayaba added “will continue their resistance until Ambazonia sovereignty is regained, its territory and people protected and all those responsible for impunity in our land are held accountable”.

The EU in its recent statement among other things had denounced the violence in the Anglophone regions stating that the solution is found in dialogue. The condemnation of violence it should be recalled comes following the kidnap, torture and gruesome murder of Florence Ayafor, a prison administrator in Bamenda.

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