Private School Teachers lament over trade union calls to boycott June 1st school resumption

Some teachers trade unions in Cameroon have rejected government decision to have classes resume on June 1st.

Private school teachers however say the resumption of classes will not only benefit the students but them too.
“Life has been unfair to me since the lock down of schools in March. I and all my colleagues have gone without a dime from our proprietress for the past 2 months now” a private school teacher in Douala says.

Even after government insisted that private school teachers be paid, the lady says they got nothing. With some teachers trade unions standing against school resumption, she questions what will become of them.

“How do they want some of us in the private sector to cope? … Schools will resume only in November making it 7 months of no job and no salary” she laments.

All efforts to get something doing the teacher says have proven futile leaving her helpless. “I have not been able to pay this month rent nor feed … I seriously need help, I’m so confused” she explains.

In addition to some teachers trade unions, the Douala Archbishop has said Catholic schools in his area will not resume on June 1st as instructed by government.

Next academic year is expected to kick off in a few months.

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