SDF tables preliminary position on National dialogue to PM

The National Democratic Front, SDF party under it’s 1st National Vice President, Joshua Osih has stated it’s preliminary stance on the expected national dialogue.

This was in a press release following a meeting convened by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. To ensure the dialogue meets the aspirations of the Anglophone community, the party says such a National Inclusive Dialogue “should be chaired by a neutral personality.”

In the press release, the party also explained that the national dialogue must dwell on the root causes of the Anglophone
problem; there must be structured openings to discuss the form of the state,
with the view to adopting a new constitution for Cameroon and this should be prominent on the agenda; that this dialogue has been occasioned by the Anglophone crisis and therefore anglophones must be central to its discussions and preconference in this regard that will allow this dialogue not to go the way of the 1972 referendum and the 1991 tri-partite meeting was proposed.

SDF says root causes of the crisis must be addressed

The SDF in the meeting with the PM also noted that the military cannot be part of a national inclusive dialogue, which is essentially political.

To create an enabling environment for all these, the party requested that a ceased be called and general amnesty be granted to all implicated in the crisis to let all stakeholders participate.

“The Prime Minister informed us that
the UN, the African Union and the Commonwealth have indicated their will to
participate in the dialogue and we will wish that countries such as the USA, Britain and Germany should actually be third parties involved in this exercise” it read.

The SDF’s proposal it should be said comes as ome of several others from civil society actors and political parties since the announcement of a National Dialogue by Head of state, President Paul Biya in a recent address to the nation.

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