Self-declared Ambazonia ‘gov’t’ Condemns Ngarbuh Massacre, Calls For Investigation

The interim government of the self-styled Federal Republic of Ambazonia has expressed grief over the killing of scores of persons in the North West last weekend.
In a release signed Sunday by Chris Anu; secretary for communication and IT, the interim government described the situation as a genocide perpetrated by the Cameroonian military in the Anglophone regions.

He revealed that over thirty one “unarmed civilians including entire families, pregnant women and Children were ruthlessly massacred. The carnage was carried out in Ngarbuh;a community in Ntumbaw village in Ndu sub division in the North West of Cameroon”.

The interim government recounted that military men on Friday 14th February “…move from door to door pulling out residents from their houses briefly interrogating some before shooting them to death. A man was killed with his eight children in cool blood alongside two pregnant women” the release states.
According to the release, the real figure of persons killed cannot be established given that mass graves freshly dug have been discovered with the number of people buried not known.
In another case of attack stated, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia said eighty houses were equally set ablaze in Balikumbat in Ngoketunjia division still in the North West by the military in collaboration with some militants of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement; The CPDM.

On why the military carried out the act, the release explains that it was a way to punish the people for refusing to vote during elections.
In Mezam division, the Ambazonia Interim government says military killed people and looted property in homes still on Friday February 14th.
Of all the killings and burning of homes in the English speaking part of Cameroon,the interim government of the federal republic of Ambazonia points accusing finger on the international community for giving a blind eye to the carnage committed in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon by the regime of president Paul Biya.

Ambazonia Interim government appeals to United Nations and all human rights groups to conduct an urgent and detail investigation in the killings last week as well as others committed in the past and for corresponding punitive measures should be taken against those found guilty.

While reiterating their determination for self independence, they regret that the regime of Paul Biya is in a campaign of wiping the communities.

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