“Separatist fighters killed people in Ngarbuh” Simon Nkwenti Ndoh – Donga Mantung SDO

The senior divisional officer of Donga Mantung Division has reassured the population of Ngarbuh and Ntumbaw in Ndu sub division in the North west region of Cameroon of their safety by the military.

Simon Nkwenti Ndoh visiting the area Wednesday February 19th, four days after the massacre, the SDO declares “I am here to tell you people that separatists attacked and killed people here at the weekend “.

In other interviews granted by some inhabitants of the village in the presence of the military, they all point accusing fingers on ambazonia boys for causing the havoc.

“I was hiding and I saw the boys looting goods from my compound and later set ablaze the building. I could not talk for fear of attack” one villager testified.

To another witness who identified himself as an authority of the Mbororo community in the area, Amba boys have been a threat in the area.

The testimonies some media professionals say lack credibility. They argue that the presence of the military and the SDO while the interview was conducted may have influenced the answers of the villagers.

Some villagers questioned why the SDO who resides in Nkambe will be telling them the identity of those who attacked and killed contrary to what they witnessed.

Note that several witnesses have been pointing accusing fingers on the military for launching the attacks against unarmed civilians.

Meantime, the war of figures on the number of people killed is still on. While the network for the defence of human rights in Central Africa RHEDAC places the figure to 36 civilians,government through the minister of communication says five people were killed, that is a woman and her four children.

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