As killings multiply in Anglophone regions: Isn’t it time for the Commonwealth to move from mere words to action?

One of the most remarkable visits from the International community to Cameroon since the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis was that of Patricia Scotland, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Secretary General unlike most other visitors who ended in Yaounde, visited the South West region, getting a first hand feel of the situation.

Addressing the situation, the Commonwealth SG alongside African Union, and La Francophonie said “what is important is peace, security…these are the principles which have been inculcated in the Commonwealth chatter that is very much echoed in all three of our organisations…We are determined to all we can as three organisations to support the peace process…”.

After her visit to Cameroon, many expected much more from the diplomat who like many others before her maintained silence on the crisis.

The Commonwealth Secretary-General was however recently involved in a scandal causing the organisation to lose millions of dollars in “vital” funding due to allegations of employing associates without regard of their qualifications.

In the wake of the recent Ngarbuh massacre that left over 35 dead including kids and pregnant women, the diplomat has once again raised her voice on the injustice in the conflict-hit regions.

Commenting on the incident, Patricia Scotland said “I strongly condemn the recent killings of civilians, including women and children in the North-West of Cameroon on 14 February 2020″.

“The Commonwealth” she went on “strongly condemns all forms of violence, and in particular, the loss of lives of innocent civilians including women and children. I continue to convey these concerns to the Government of Cameroon, and the Commonwealth stands ready to support solutions that will address the root causes of this conflict.”

Despite her recent position on the violence, the diplomat many feel has still not matched her words with action, leaving doubts on how genuine her concerns for victims of the war are.

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