Students Cry Foul At Universities Festival Of Arts and Culture

Students taking part at the 2019 Universities Festival of Arts and Culture, UNIFAC in Douala have decried the manner in which some members of the jury have been acting. Claiming the judges are biased, some students have threatened to protest as the closing ceremony is expected to get underway in a few moments.

Most participating institutions a source tells MMI, “feel cheated especially the University of Dschang”. For his category one competitor claims, “we don’t know the category the jury used in classifying the first three positions”.

Other members of the jury too are said to have expressed their dismay with co-jurors some of whom the say manipulated results or were biased towards competitors from certain institutions.

Tempers are said to have flared up yesterday as some students even threatened to go physical. Some institutions we are told have promised to use the award ceremony to protests against the results for other institutions they believe don’t merit them.

The UNIFAC is a competition that sees higher institutions of learning compete in several categories including dancing, singing, drawing, painting and citizen ship.

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