Supreme Court Disqualifies SDF From Yaoundé VI Municipal Race

The National Communication officer of the Social Democratic Front, SDF party says he is shocked and embarrassed by the ruling of the administrative bench of the Supreme Court.

Denis Nkemlemo spoke after the party’s litigation ahead of the February 9 Municipal elections in Yaoundé VI Subdivision, was turned down.

Sitting in pre-electoral litigation filed against the SDF municipal council list by the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement political Party, the Court decided Tuesday, January 21 2020, to reject the SDF list initially accepted by the Constitutional Council.

The legal move has generated adverse reactions from members of the SDF party in Cameroon.

According to Denis Nkemlemo, the ruling exhibited a lot of injustice and fragrantly violated universal legal principles.
Nkemlemo says the decision to entertain an appeal against the SDF, from the CPDM, by the Supreme Court is where the injustice and illegal scheme began.

Tracing the origin, the National Secretary said the SDF Yaoundé VI list was initially rejected by Elections Cameroon ELECAM in 2019. Still, the party appealed the decision at the Constitution Council, which ruled a few weeks ago in favor of the SDF.

“Surprisingly for the SDF, the CPDM which was not part of the legal battle appealed the decision of the Constitutional Council, which entertained the appeal and ruled in favor of the CPDM,” Nkemlemo said.

The party says the rejection of their list is a calculated attempt to destabilize them in the Mfoundi Division, especially considering that the Yaoundé VI subdivision is the Bastion of the SDF in the Center region.

The spokesperson says they are consulting and will communicate soon on if the party will pull out of the race in the Center Region.

“The decision to be in or out can only come from NEC, which is still consulting,” he concluded.

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