Switzerland responds to Cameroon media attacks

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, FDFA has said in a release this Wednesday September, 25, 2019 that the dialogue it was it pleged to mediate, is different from from the Major National Dialogue called by President Paul Biya. Swiss debunked claims that their role, in finding solutions to the Anglophone crisis has become unpopular and unwanted.

“Switzerland’s commitment is not motivated by any interest other than a peaceful resolution of conflicts and it engages in facilitation processes only as long as the parties judge it useful,” the FDFA said.

Newspaper in Cameroon says Switzerland cannot be trusted
Le Soir says Switzerland is out of the game

Some newspapers reported that Switzerland’s mediation role has been rubbished by Cameroonians.

Swiss had maintained it strictly upholds neutrality and discretion and is “motivated by humanitarian considerations.

In June 2019, Switzerland said, it is acting as a facilitator in the crisis in north-western and south-western Cameroon at the request of the parties involved

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