Tension between army, civilian population in Douala neighborhood

Inhabitants of Bapanda in the Douala V municipality, have blamed the army rescue unit, for an enormous material damage registered in a fire incident in the neighborhood, Saturday night January 12, 2020.

The incident that broke out at about 8pm reduced an entire building and its contained to ashes according to local inhabitants.

They blame the complete burning of the plank house, on the late arrival of elements of the fire fighting unit, who they say came hours late, after their alert.

Relations between the fire fighting unit, known in French as Sappeur Pompiers, and the population of Douala have worsen lately, over what most Douala city dwellers call persistent late response of the army rescue unit.

They were recently attacked and vandalised by youth of Brazzaville in the Douala III municipality, following a late response that led to the complete burning of two snack bars, and a private residence.


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