Terror in Ako as military and Ambazonian fighters battle for control of subdivision

Military/Ambazonia terror in Ako subdivision

Wednesday, July 15 2020 marks three days since the traditional ruler of Zembeaburu village in Ako sub division, Donga Mantung division in the North West region was kidnapped by boys who identified themselves as Ambazonian fighters.

On the basis of anonymity, a witness told Mimi Mefo Info on phone that “…the boys equally cut off the hand of a woman in Afiampara village and set ablaze a motorcycle in Abaka village”.

Separatist fighters are said to have invaded Dumbo village Monday, July 13 2020 to inflict pains on the inhabitants for permitting military men to settle there.

“The military men came to Dumbo some four months ago. They broke open a house and since then they have been living there. We the local population has no strength to ask them not to stay in Dumbo. They have been harassing people in the area” he says.

“Their stay there has attracted Ambazonia boys who want to restore Monday traditional ghost town” he explains further.

At the moment, inhabitants of Dumbo village situated between Nkambe and Ako are being targeted by separatist fighters. Some inhabitants say if the military is not present in the village, violent activities from the separatists will stop.

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