Top US official says effective decentralisation is indispensable  for peace in Cameroon

Was decentralization the subject of Tibor Nagy’s meeting with Prof. Maurice Kamto?

Few days ago, Tibor Nagy received Cameroon’s opposition leader Prof. Kamto, but details of their discussion was not known to the public though he reiterated “US commitment to democracy and peaceful election”.

One week after the meeting in Washington DC, United states secretary of state in charge of African affairs, Tibor Nagy has stated that people in the North West and South West regions wants effective decentralisation that will recognise their cultural identity and permit them run their activities.

In an exclusive interview with Radio France International, RFI Friday January 17th 2020, Tibor Nagy said recommendations taken in the course of the national dialogue can result to nothing if measures are not taken enough to implement effective decentralisation.

To him “symbolic decentralisation” will not stop the conflict in the North West and South west regions of Cameroon. He thinks that judging from the budget allocated for decentralisation, it is probably that the process will not be effective.

The US diplomat in charge of African affairs declared that the situation of Cameroon “… is giving me sleepless nights”.

He however saluted the release of some political prisoners immediately after the national dialogue.

He is to start a tour of three African countries on Saturday January 18th starting from Central African Republic.

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