UB Lecturers Appeal For Postponement Of Re-Sit Exams Citing Insecurity

The high rate of insecurity in Buea may frustrate re-sit examination at the University of Buea billed for September 3, 2019.

Executive members of the National Union of Teachers Of Higher Education University of Buea Chapter (SYNES-UB) met in an extraordinary session August 31 and in a communique dated September 1, 2019, they said they are not guinea pigs that should be used for an experiment.

The lecturers accuse the administration of the University of Buea of trying to use them for a “security experiment” at the heart of the Anglophone crisis in Buea.

They say exams cannot be programmed at a time when cases of kidnappings and torture of University lecturers by separatist fighters have soared.

The lecturers say most of them have abandoned their houses and are now renting in undisclosed places to avoid the wrath of amba boys.

Away from the issue of security, the lecturers have expressed disappointment at the University administration for not respecting financial engagements taken to ensure the welfare of lecturers.

On the part of students of the University of Buea, some of them have been expressing disappointment following the decision of SYNES UB Chapter but recognizes that the security of both lecturers and students remains supreme.

Though University authorities have not commented on the concerns voiced by SYNES members, unconfirmed reports say the examination must hold as planned according to officials at the school.

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