US, others introduce travel ban as coronavirus persists

The United States of America, Australia, Italy and other nations in the past hours also announced that visitors who had recently been to China will not be admitted into their countries.

Earlier countries that took a similar decision the BBC states are Russia, Japan, Pakistan and Italy, a move the World Heald Organization says may have a worse outcome as the disease may enter countries unofficially.

In a related development, the Philippines has recorded the first ever death by coronavirus out of China since the deadly virus broke out.

The 44 year old that passed away in the Philippines media reports say was a man from Wuhan, China where the virus was first discovered.

Going by the New York Times, “Philippines health officials said the man had arrived in the country on Jan. 21 with a 38-year-old woman who remains under observation”.

Earlier, the Philippine authorities had announced a temporary ban on non-Filipino travelers arriving from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau NY Times adds.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, over 300 deaths have been recorded with over 14000 infections. Africa remains the lone continent without a single infection after a few suspicious cases were dismissed.

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