US Senate commences Trump’s impeachment trial

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial kicked off today at the US senate after a week long stalemate over how the Senate would run the process.

Republican and Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell before the trial changed a controversial provision in the rules for the impeachment trial that would have required prosecutors and White House lawyers to make 24 hours of legal arguments within a period of only two days.

For the trial proper to commence however, all 100 Senators will officially need to be sworn in as jurors. Chief Justice John Roberts, who is expected to preside over the trial will also be sworn in for the hearing to start.

“There are four groups of people to watch during the trial: the House impeachment managers, Trump’s defense team, the 100 Senators and Roberts” TIME online notes.

While some see the trial as a witch hunt and tactic to slow down the president ahead of the next elections, others say the move is necessary to check Trump’s excesses.

Just moments ago, President Trump took to twitter to insist that the transcripts of his call with Ukraine’s Zelensky be read.

If found guilty by two-third of the Senate, Trump will be kicked out of office.

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