Victims of Mankon bloody attack begging for justice one month after a fire incident.

Life has become a living hell for victims of burnings in Alachu,Muwachu and Matsam quarters in Makon North West region of Cameroon.

One month after the burning down of their houses by the Cameroon military, they population has decried what they called total abandonment on the part of the government.

In a decision signed by the governor of the North West region of Cameroon on May 17th 2019, Adolph Lele L’Afrque created a commission with the principal responsibility of evaluating material damages, number of victims and humanitarian needs of affected persons.

Article 6 of the decision reads: “The commission which shall meet upon the invitation of the president of the commission and shall submit its report within a maximum period of one week”.

Going by this,victims talking to Mimi Mefo Info assume that the president of the commission, (Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam) long submitted findings to the governor of the North West region of Cameroon.

To their greatest dismay, nothing has been offered as compensation. To a pastor of a Pentecostal church that lost material things worth over twelve million francs cfa, “the government has not called him for any assistance”. He recounts how all his activities have come to a standstill since the outbreak of “man made” fire incident that ravaged his business centre.

Note that on Wednesday May 15th 2019 at about 2:30pm, residents of Mankon have recounted that military man invaded the three quarters burning houses and extorting money from other inhabitants.
Allegations the military have so far refuted saying they were simply chasing separatist fighters whi killed two of their colleagues in the quarter same day.

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