“Why have you allowed yourself to be derailed by politics and hate against your people?” Elvis Ndansi Asks PM Dion Ngute

Cameroonian-born Obama scholar, Elvis Ndansi is the latest to raise concerns on government silence regarding the Ngarbuh massacre.

In an open writeup, he addresses the PM questioning the sudden change in the politician’s character after becoming Prime Minister of Cameroon.

“Before becoming PM I knew you to be an honourable man with a high sense of humanity. In fact, you are not even a politician but a technocrat and an astute servant leader” he states.

“Why have you allowed yourself to be derailed by the politics and hate against your people. When two women and children were shot and killed in the North, at least your predecessor sent out his communication minister to go lie the nation and international community that the act was not committed by military though they later on accepted and arrested a few military people” he writes.

“This is the fourth day since the Nkarbu massacre of 27 civilians including 8 innocent children and not a word from your government” Elvis Ndansi asserts, adding that the PM’s silence “is venomous to our psyche as we cannot believe this is the you that we know. They could have been your kids – if you were an ordinary farmer in Donga Mantung!”

If a similar incident had happened in Meyomessi’s village in the South Region Elvis Ndansi tells the PM, “you would not have gone to sleep without sending your minister of communication out to make a statement”.

Despite the cries, however, “all you people care about is elections and all that will make you look good in front of your master”.

“PM, WHY? I love you and I want you to be the YOU that we all know! Tell madam that we love her so much and we want her to wake you up at night and ask you to do something or say something” he ends.

Despite the organisation of the Major National Dialogue led by PM Dion Ngute, the violence in the Anglophone regions has soared over the past weeks, leaving more dead.

For the record, at least 35 people were burned alive and shot dead after government soldiers stormed Ngarbuh in Donga Mantung on February 14th 2020. The Centre for Human Right and Democracy in Africa’s Founder, Barrister Agbor Balla has accused state forces for the mass killings, calling for justice.


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