Why Samuel Wazizi was killed

Samuel Wazizi was arrested by the forces of law and order on the 2nd of August, 2019 in Buea, after which he was later on charged with terrorism.

Government in a communiqué released by the Ministry of Defence claims Wazizi was a logistic officer for the Ambazonian separatist fighters aside being a journalist.

They equally claimed that Wazizi was never tortured but died of an illness on the 17th of August at the Yaounde Military Hospital.

The government however failed to answer why his death was kept a secret for close to ten months, where his body is, and why the family keeps insisting they were never told of the death of Samuel Wazizi – despite government insistence of the fact that they informed Wazizi’s family of his demise as soon as he died.

They also did not clarify why the court kept on adjourning a court case for someone who may have died before even the first court adjournment.

Fresh claims though have emerged as to one of the major reasons why Samuel Wazizi was arrested. It is said to be linked with an investigation he carried out of the Ekona massacre of 25th December 2018.

As many journalists were threatened with job loss and arrests for them to stay clear of the case, Samuel Wazizi carried out an extensive insight on the carnage perpetrated by the Cameroon military in the area.

He happened to have spoken to one of the survivors of the massacre who gave him an exclusive report on what happened. That interview sealed Samuel Wazizi’s fate.

Samuel Wazizi still will be terribly threatened as he first went down to Muyuka to investigate the case of the four months old baby who he revealed was shot dead by the military in May of 2019 as said by the baby’s mother whom he interviewed.

Samuel Wazizi would then be closely monitored henceforth and on the 2nd of August, he is request at the Muea police station where he willingly goes and that would be the last time anyone ever saw Samuel Wazizi free and alive.

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