Born exactly this same day 1984, Wazizi would have been 36 today

Samuel Wazizi was born on Wednesday June 06, 1984 in the North West Region. Later relocated to Buea where he embraced his passion, journalism and worked with local media house CMTV.

Wazizi’s devotedness and professionalism to his profession with utmost impartiality but scrutiny, made him a target from both the separatist Ambazonian figters and the government troops.

Wazizi would then on August 2, be arrested and tortured to death by the military in Yaounde. He died at a tender age of 35, with his whole life and career ahead of him.

As the major bread winner for his family, he has been deprived of the opportunity to give himself and his siblings the bright life he envisioned for them.

Happy Birthday brother, you will forever remain in our hearts.


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