Would Biya hold peace talks with Members of ‘Brigade Anti Sardinards’, BAS?

Perhaps one of the worst international humiliations president Paul Biya has received in his 37 year rule pundits say is the public protest against his stay at the interContinental hotel in Geneva, Switzerland last month.

A protest organized by a disgruntled group of Cameroonians known as ‘ brigade anti- sardinard’.
To seemingly bring the matter to rest, one of President Paul Biya’s frontline supporters and loyalist, professor Pascal Messanga Nyamding says he is negotiating a meeting between president Biya and leaders of BAS.

According to the university don who calls himself a “Biyayist” (meaning a total loyalist to Mr Biya), members of BAS have genuine grievances that are instead manifested to a wrong person (Paul Biya).
To Messanga Nyamding, close collaborators of the president of the republic have over the years thwarted Mr. Biya’s good will for the people of Cameroon for their personal pockets. By initiating a move for president Paul Biya to hold talks with members of BAS, Prof Nyamding says it will be an avenue for Mr Biya to clarify wrong conceptions against him in the minds of those protesting against his long stay in power.

On the issue of who is financing his move for peace, Messanga Nyamding says it’s a personal initiative and therefore he is using his money. He has announced a trip to France this week considered as the base of BAS.
The outspoken university professor and member of the central committee of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement has condemned militants of his party who do nothing in action to concretize the vision of the president for Cameroonians but embezzle money meant for projects.
He has been criticized by many as paying lip service to Mr. Biya in search of appointment.
The unanswered question has been if President Paul Biya will accept to negotiate with people who have humiliated him in Geneva causing him and wife to cut short their private visit?.

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