Ambazonian leaders to storm Yaounde court this morning in protest

In solidarity with close to 200 detainees of the Anglophone crisis whisked off to unknown destination, Ambazonian leaders have vowed to storm the court in protest this morning as the case pitting them and the state of Cameroon resumes at the military tribunal in Yaounde.

“All the Ambazonian leaders and their counsels will wear red protest bands to appear in the military tribunal on Monday 29th July, 2019, in protest for the maltreatment of our Counsels and Ambazonians in the prisons of kondengui and Buea as well as the disappearance of over 200 Ambazonians from these prisons,” a source told Mimi Mefo Info.

Tentative list of “missing” Anglophone detainees

The source continued that, “a period will be declared for all Ambazonians, home and in the diaspora, to enter into mourning, hunger strike and advanced civil disobedience in due course, if la republic du cameroun does not produce the disappeared Ambazonians.”

Amongst those taken to “secret” detentions are Ngalim Felix, Tsi Conrad, coffin Revolutionist Mancho Bibixy, Teke Rene, Thomas Awah.

“We were able to establish the list of 195 people, but there are more. We cannot tell if they are still alive,” a source in prison said.

Ambazonian leaders in the diaspora have given five days to the Biya regime, to make known the whereabouts of Mancho Bibixy and Co, without which a prolonged lockdown will be imposed on the restive regions.

The phase one of the lockdown begins today July 29 and tomorrow, July 30, 2019.

Despite an announcement on facebook by the Executive Director of REDHAC, that Mancho and Co are still alife, many say they want concrete proof that they are not dead as announced on social media.

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