Zero School Attendance In Four Of Seven Divisions In North West

Statistics reveal that the secondary education sector in the North West Region witnessed less than 10% resumption on day one of the 2019 – 2020 academic year. Out of the expected 55.071 students and 3.009 teachers, 1.299 students and 86 teachers answered present September 2, 2019, in schools across the region.

Also 214 lessons out of 6.649 programmed were taught. It revealed that 525 secondary schools are not functional in the North West region. Information earlier made available indicates that most of these schools have been burnt, looted or habited by those the authorities called terrorists. On Day One of school resumption in the North West Region of Cameroon, four out of seven divisions of the region had zero school attendance for students and zero lessons.

On the signed document Mezam Division is given a zero per cent divisional score despite her 19 operational schools, 21 students present and 29 teachers giving out 8 lessons whereas Ngoketunjia with no functional school, no students and 3 teachers present on day one has an 8.17% divisional score.

The poor performance, some education stakeholders say, is as a result of ghost towns. They are however hopeful more students, teachers and administrative staff will resume in the days ahead.

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