Cameroon Renaissance Movement party undertakes coronavirus sensitisation campaign in Douala

Militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) political party have engaged in a sensitisation process to educate the population on how to prevent contracting and the spread of coronavirus in Cameroon.

In the Douala 4 municipality, the militants toured markets and other public places with megaphones giving messages of sensitisation.

“Frequent washing of hands with running tap water with soap, no shaking of hands or hugging, stay at home, use sanitizers and call the toll free number 1510 if you notice symptoms of coronavirus” one of the messages read.

To militants of the party, COVID 19 is a veritable threat to the world and Cameroon in particular given that the country has a poor health care system.

With one death recorded and 70 people infected in four different regions of Cameroon as of March 25th 2020, CRM party militants say it is time Cameroonians put aside all differences and unite against the pandemic that is paralysing all activities in the country.

Earlier, the national president of CRM party Prof. Maurice Kamto made public a video explaining and illustrating coronavirus preventive measures.

In a message to Cameroonians Tuesday March 24th, prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute frowned at a greater number of Cameroonians that are not respecting coronavirus preventive measures.

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