Government Desperate over Yaoundé indefinite blackout; Ministers Task ENEO to deliver in 7 days

The provision of electricity in Cameroon’s political capital Yaoundé will henceforth be rationed to enable each quarter have electricity at a given time. The time table for electricity rationing has already been made public by the Ministry Of Water and Energy. 

Despite this new method, permanent provision of electricity will continue in all sensitive humanitarian and social services like hospitals.

This was declared Wednesday August 14th by the Minister of Communication.  Rene Emmanuel Sadi in a press conference acknowledged the enormous damage recorded at the electricity substation situated at Melen neighbourhood in Yaoundé on August 7 following a fire incident.

The minister stated that the damages caused by a fire incident destroyed important equipment that cannot be repaired but demands the purchase of new ones for effective and permanent installations.

Engineers in charge of production and distribution of electricity, Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi says, are working day and night to regularise the situation in Yaoundé.

Since the fire incident on the 7th of August at the Melen electricity substation, a greater part of Yaoundé has been in darkness with accompanied effects.  Business activities that depend entirely on electricity to function have all shut down.  Meantime, many have resorted to the use of candles, kerosene and generators to help them carry out some activities in the absence of electricity.

The blackout in the nation’s political capital as is the case in many parts of Cameroon on daily bases has raised questions of Cameroon’s emergence by 2035 when power failure has been a daily issue.

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