Reign of Terror or Manipulation? Ambazonia Fighters Storm Mile 4 Nkwen

Armed men fighting for the putative state of Ambazonia stormed Mile 4 neighbourhood in Nkwen, Bamenda III Subdivision, forcefully recruiting young men under pain of death.

Arms said to belong to amba boys

Residents of Mbesi quarter say the pro-independence fighters stormed the area and demanded all the young men to join them in the struggle for the independence of Southern Cameroons or face the bullet of the Ambazonia defence force.

“Many of the young men were taken to their camps. This situation occurred at about 9pm yesterday Tuesday,” a source told Mimi Mefo info.

Another local said some of the boys who were able to escape could be seen running in tears.

One of the fleeing young men said he is the only son to his father and mother and can’t afford to live his sick mother and go for a battle which he is not sure to survive.

Many others say the struggle has turned against the people.

Enter Mark Bareta

Ambazonia activist and citizen journalist, Mark Bareta expressed shock at the recent move by some fighters to recruit young people forcefully.

His words: “I think it is very strange that this is happening. Just last week the Post Newspaper published how Denizens in Bamenda are saying how the ranks of Ambazonia fighters are increasingly with young men joining daily especially Okada riders as a result of the maltreatment meted on them by Cameroun forces.

“This is a strange phenomenon because joining the ranks of Ambazonia Fighters has always been a free will thing for those who wanted to join and defend homeland. Recall that many young persons are still out as civilians so it’s a freewill move.

“It should be noted that forcing any one to join fighting is a big risk factor because such person is not motivated. It’s not his wish as such that person becomes a big potential sell out and will sell out with the slightest move. This cannot be coming from Ambazonia groups because they know better. They always vet those who join them thus any idea of forcing people to join is a dangerous move and anti Ambazonia. 

“I am confident that someone and somebody somewhere is playing a fast one on us to tarnish the image of our forces and tell the international community that people are forced to fight. This has never happened in our revolution and all Ambazonia groups know better.”

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