Ndian division: Amba fighters reject calls to drop arms

Akama Orume, an inhabitant of Mosongiseli Balondo in the Ndian division, South West region has been accused of setting up some separatist fighters in the area.

Talking to MMI, a local says Mr Akame had taken some separatist fighters that showed interest in dropping their arms and later came for more.

“The boys are worried that the first 10 he took have not returned and the boys have learned that he received 17 million from the prime minister to do this job” a source alleges.

For this reason, “they have refused to drop their arm for the benefits of one man” the source adds.

Since being appointed PM, Dion Ngute has brought out several persons claiming they are armed fighters that decided to drop their arms.

Others have however said it was a plot to undermine calls for an amicable settlement to the crisis.

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