Nearly 250,000 persons facing food insecurity in Far North – Humanitarian NGO

Cameroon’s Far North region has for the past years been facing a lot of security challenges due to recurrent Boko Haram attacks.

Though declared defeated in Cameroon soil in 2018, the sect keeps making repeated incursions leaving destruction on its path.

This has in many ways made life harder for the ordinary citizen in that part of the country. In addition to these, humanitarian NGO L’Action Contre Faim (ACF) says about 250,000 people living in the Far North region are facing a potential food shortage situation.

The humanitarian situation in that part of the country, the NGO has revealed, is deteriorating as Boko Haram incursions keep pushing more people out of their homes.

Boko Haram attacks, ACF posits, “increased by 72.5% in the last two months of 2019,” adding that there were “70 attacks in November and 69 in December of the same year”.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation at hand, ACF says: “The needs are still very important and as long as the situation is not resolved and the conflicts persist they will only grow”.

In February last year, Relief Web International predicted that in the Far North, “poor and displaced households will face stressed (IPC 2) levels of food insecurity through May, due to constrained livelihoods”.

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