Police saves 6-year autistic boy from being drowned by family in Douala

Last week, four members of a family in Dibamba, Douala in Cameroon’s Littoral region were taken into custody.

The Guardian Post newspaper reports that thanks to the timely intervention of the police, they were apprehended during an attempt to kill their six-year old son who suffers from autism.

“The family was arrested … on the Dibamba bridge in Douala as they were trying to throw the boy into the river” the paper reveals.

Police sources, the paper adds revealed they were alerted by an undisclosed source. The paper says sources hint that the child was declared a wizard by a native doctor who told the family the boy was the cause of their misfortunes.

“On hearing this, the family members of this innocent child decided that the best way to cleanse, purify and bring peace to their family was to get rid of him by throwing him into the Dibamba river” the paper states.

It adds that, “investigations are on to track the native doctors and accomplices of this crime. Reports say the autistic child has been handed over to welfare social services”.

A developmental disorder, autism is characterised by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour.

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