Popular Action Party to petition constitutional council over leadership of Cameroon

The Popular Action Party PAP in the days ahead is to demand the constitutional council to issue an official declaration “as to whether or not the presidential seat is vacant”.

In a release made public Tuesday March 31st 2020 signed by PAP president Njang Denis, PAP establishes that the silence of President Paul Biya in the face of coronavirus deadly pandamic in Cameroon is unbearable.

The observation of the Popular Action Party comes barely days after the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party gave a seven days ultimatum to president Paul Biya to address the nation else Cameroonians will take responsibility .

Besides planing to mount pressure on the constitutional council to establish the validity that Cameroon still has a leader, PAP is calling on Cameroonians to put in place a solidarity fund to help fight coronavirus. They add that government has once again proven it’s weakness.

Popular Action Party has equally call for the respect of measures given to prevent the spread of the virus.

Days back communication minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi released a communiqué asserting that contrary to rumours on social media president Biya is still alive.

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