RENCAM Credit Union – Pioneer Deposit Taking Institution In The UK For UK Resident Cameroonians!

RENCAM Credit Union is the first ever legal deposit-taking institution in the United Kingdom (UK), dedicated to serving some of the financial needs of the UK Cameroonian Community and people of other nationalities who are interested in the Cameroon heritage.

With the changing times and economic challenges faced today, RENCAM Credit Union which went operational in November 2013 remains the financial institution you can count on!

Based in the UK, there are lots of benefits you stand to enjoy being a member:
1. As a saver:

• You are entitled to dividends when they are declared.

• You take comfort in knowing that your savings are used to lend to people from your own community.

• You know your savings are completely safe as they are covered by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) of up to £85,000 should the Credit Union run into trouble.

2. As a borrower, you know the Credit Union can provide you with an affordable and flexible loan, with no hidden charges or penalties if you repay early.

3. When you send money home through RENCAM Credit Union, you have a share in the profit (currently 25p for every £3.00 fee), credited to your savings account.
This means you send money home to your loved ones at a reduced fee of £2.75 for every £100 sent!

4. As a user of its services, you are helping RENCAM Credit Union to grow and potentially provide employment opportunities to people of your community.

For more information or to become a member, please click on the link below:

Please Note: There is a one – off membership fee of £10 payable after your application has been received and accepted.

Thank You for your time and please keep safe from the COVID – 19 Pandemic!!

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