Soldier killed colleague to save me – Anglophone crisis victim says

A lady resident in Bali in the North West region has shared a story on how far a soldier went to ensure her life was spared.

During one of the Cameroon military’s numerous raids on Bali months ago, the lady, Rita (not real name) says her family like many others was forced to seek safety in the bushes.

After being there for a couple of days, she says her father went out to check if the soldiers had left the village and if it was safe to return home, but was shot.

Her mother and two elder brothers, Rita adds, were also gunned down by the soldiers as they made for the village, leaving her and one of her brother’s 14-months-old son.

Talking to MMI, she further revealed that in the midst of all the chaos, she came across two soldiers and was shot in the leg and arm. While one was of the opinion that she be killed, the other said they should let her go. It was at that point, Rita states, that she asked them to take the child (her brother’s son) with them if they wanted to kill her.

One of the soldiers, she narrates, pulled out his rifle and killed his colleague who had been insisting they kill her. He would eventually call for backup explaining that the colleague had been killed by Ambazonian fighters, and a lady injured in the cross fighting. She was immediately rushed to hospital when the other soldiers arrived.

Even though she has not getiriniz her eyes on the soldier ever since, Rita maintains that she is grateful for the fact that he had to go to such an extreme to save her life, adding that not everyone soldier in such a situation will let their conscience guide them.

After losing almost her entire family, Rita like thousands of victims of the war in the North West and South West regions says she barely survives as she takes care of her late brother’s one year old son and her self.

Pic: Archive photo, Bali

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