Using the social media to enhance culture and social cohesion: SAP PAPIACK rekindles new interest in “Supapiack”of Baba I

“SUPAPIACK”, native language of the people of Baba 1 Ndop Ngoketunjia Division, Cameroon’s North West Region is facing challenges of existence. With the rapid advancement of modernization, many cultural values and languages have been affected with “Sup Papiack language” not being an exception.

To guard against this unhealthy occurrence, the people of Baba 1 are running a Whatsapp Forum called “SAP PAPIACK”.The main objective of the forum is to help members continue to speak pure and undiluted “Suppapiack” language no matter challenges presented by other widely spoken languages like English and French.

Put in place over a year ago, the forum today counts more than two hundred members of Baba 1 both in and out of Cameroon.
To enhance free and effective communication, information is passed across in the forum only through recorded audios in SUPAPIACK language and not text messages. Exchanges on the forum members say enhances social cohesion and promote the language.

The active members of Sap Papiack are divided into seven different groups with the responsibility to keep the forum animated at all times. Each group is led by a ‘Tinda Manjong’. Every ‘Tinda Manjong’(Leader)has the responsibility to mobilize his group members, make calls to get new proverbs,adages and riddles to educate the people.They equally ensure discipline in the forum.

It should be noted the rules of the forum Sap papiack aligns to the tradition of the people of Baba 1. As a converging point for the people of Baba 1, the culture, tradition and the history of the people is strengthened on daily bases thanks to the whatsapp forum.

The people of Baba 1 looks forward for more members of the village to join the forum to contribute and share ideas on how to enhance peace and social cohesion. Meantime those in the forum have been expressing satisfaction and excitement derived from the unique communication method put in place in the WhatsApp forum.

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